E36 – This One’s for the Kids (Kill Bill, Magic School Bus, Ontario Today)

This week on The Improv Punch up we are joined by the Kinetic Krystal Merrells! On this episode, the kids on the magic school bus learn a grave lesson on Pluto, we tune in to a live special edition of Ontario Today to solve people’s problems, and we find the ultimate match for a one inch punch: a bouncy castle!

Below are the video clips we used in the show (these clips are not our own and were used for creative purposes) All the Rights in This Content Belong to Their Respective Owner/s.

Kill Bill- One Inch Punch

Source: Movieclips



Directed by: Quentin Tarantino

Written by: Quentin Tarantino

Produced by: Lawrence Bender

Starring: Umw Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Michael Madsen, Daryl Hannah & David Carradine

Production Company: A Band Apart

Distributed by: Miramax


Magic School Bus Pluto Helmet

Source: Anglea Isbell



Based on: The Magic School Bus by Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen

Developed by Alison Blank, Kristin Laskas Martin & Jane Startz

Voices of: Lily Tomlin, Lisa Yamanaka, Danny Tamberelli, Daniel DeSanto, Tara Meyer, Erica Luttrell, Maia Filar, Stuart Stone, Renessa Blitz & Malcoml-Jamal Warner

Production Company:   South California ETV, Nelvana & Scholastic Entertainment

Distributed by: Nelvana


Ontario Today – Gardening: Hot peppers and surviving the heat




Host: Rita Celli

Home Station: CBO-FM


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