26 – Top 5 Valentines Date Ideas

We choo-choo choose you to be our Valentine!

It’s February and the time for cheesy, romantic, gushy, over-the-top gestures of love is in the air! Whether you are in a relationship, single, hate/love Valentines, or just like going on dates we got something for you! Join Tuong La and Rambunctious Romantics Kristine Shadid, Catherine Ballachey, and Alyssa Wooldridge as we discuss the best date ideas for Valentines (or any other day really).

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Ground Rules

  • “Date Ideas” are not restricted just for Valentines Day
  • Dates can be between more than one person and does not need to be romantic
  • Money is not a factor

*Spoilers* Below is our Top 5 list from this episode as well as our own personal unordered lists.

Group Top 5

5. Live Theater show (ie: plays, comedy, improv, etc.)

4. Surprise Road Trip

3. “Pal-entines Day” (ie hang out with your friend(s) and go on a fun date)

2. Go dancing – but like fancy. ie take a dance class.

1.Puupppiesss (go somewhere and play with puppies…or any other animal for that matter)



Tuong’s List

  1. Breakfast in Bed
  2. The Spa
  3. Go hiking
  4. Board Game Night
  5. Paint Night
  6. Go to a Museum
  7. Go Dancing – but like fancy
  8. Comedy Show
  9. Surprise Road Trip
  10. Go to a concert
  11. Fancy home cooked meal
  12. Wine Tasting Tour
  13. Trip Down Memory Lane
  14. Bath Bomb
  15. Roller Disco


  1. “Pal-entines Day”
  2. Surprise someone at work
  3. Play with Puppies
  4. Volunteer
  5. Board Games/Video Game Cafe
  6. Make something – “crafts”
  7. Sitting around a fire with hot chocolate
  8. Jazz Club
  9. Dumb Fancy Ass Date – “Do the 9’s”
  10. Coast through tinder

Catherine’s List

  1. Go see Live Theater – performing arts
  2. Stay in (get a little booty, food, sleep)
  3. Used Book Shopping
  4. Snowshoeing
  5. Skiiing
  6. Volunteering

Alyssa’s List

  1. Skating
  2. 36 questions
  3. Do a “crawl” – ie pub crawl, food crawl, etc.
  4. Recreate a memorable time in your relationship
  5. Board game night

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