Learn Real Good

Hosted ByVinny Francois & Katie Pagnucco

Learn Real Good is a podcast that brings science to the masses by combining comedy and cutting-edge science. We create a friendly and casual atmosphere to discuss STEM research with grad students. We want to peel back the curtain on how science is done and what it means to be a scientist while improving scientific literacy in the general public. We also want our audience to laugh their butts off.

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E04: Watching Bacteria Poop Nitrogen with Sujani Gomes

This week we meet Sujani Gomes who is solving “The Mysterious Case of Bacteria and Nitrogen”. Vinny and Katie talk about wolves saving lives and wiggling tubes.

E03: Melting Batteries Using Lasers with Tessa Krause

Meet Tessa Krause who is investigating using lasers to control laser welding and preventing lithium fires. Katie and Vinny talk about protecting the bees from mites and getting rechargeable batteries from the ocean.

E02: Treating Diabetes with Vitamin K with Kevin Guo

Meet Kevin Guo who is exploring new treatments of diabetes using everyone’s favourite organic molecule, Vitamin K. Katie and Vinny talk about bats wearing party hats and a mysterious object that could replace Pluto as the Sun’s ninth planet.

E01: Building Hearts from Blood with Ida Derish

Our first episode! Meet grad student Ida Derish who is working to use blood cells to repair broken hearts. Katie and Vinny also talk cicadas and planets. If you...

E00: Real Science with Vinny and Katie

The hosts of Learn Real Good, Vinny Francois and Katie Pagnucco, introduce the podcast, and share their own unique backgrounds in science and comedy. Come learn about the hosts, but don’t expect any conclusions.